johnatan broda



Johnatan Broda was born in the 20th century. 

Since being a kid he always pursued the goal of becoming a multidisciplinary man. His efforts lead him to be physically beautiful and mentally strong. Some will describe him as the mind of Woody Allen within the body of a young Arnold Schwarzenegger (yet it is true others have claimed it was indeed the opposite). 

Being a fierce advocate of mass consumption he’s been collaborating for the last 15 years with glorious brands such as Sony, Samsung, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Air France, Toyota, Nestlé and Orange. 

Johnatan works now as a Film Director and a Photographer (check Instagram link at the bottom). But he has also worked as an Editor and Motion Designer on nearly 500 commercial projects in his early days.

Directing wise, Johnatan thinks « a story well told is a story well told » (doesn’t that make sense?). 

It is granted that if you work with Johnatan, the experience itself will be emotionally disarming and its professional aftermath will leave you a taste that is never to be forgotten. 


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